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  1. Usbekistan - Auswärtiges Amt. Willkommen auf den Seiten des Auswärtigen Amts. Sie befinden sich hier: Startseite. Breadpfeil. Außen- und Europapolitik. Breadpfeil. Länder. Breadpfeil
  2. Uzbekistan is a mysterious country of the East, where the history of cities gathered in legends, where the sun shines all year round and this reflects the unique nature and beautiful hearts of people. Welcome to the country of magnificent architecture and ancient traditions preserved a unique heritage. Everyone who comes to this blessed land is welcome here! If you have visited Uzbekistan once.
  3. Welcome to Uzbekistan. The region's cradle of culture for more than two millennia, Uzbekistan is the proud home to a spellbinding arsenal of architecture and ancient cities, all deeply infused with the bloody, fascinating history of the Silk Road. In terms of sights alone, Uzbekistan is Central Asia's biggest draw and most impressive showstopper
  4. So verlangt z.B. Uzbekistan Airways eine notarielle Einverständniserklärung beider Elternteile, die bei der Abreise des Kindes vorgelegt werden muss. Einfuhrbestimmungen. Die Einfuhr von Devisen.
  5. ed to a great extent by their fortifications. The walls were flanked at regular intervals by semicircular towers and the entrances to towns.

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Uzbekistan was one of only three economies in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region that maintained positive economic growth in 2020. Despite the severe impact of the COVID-19 crisis, reforms implemented in the early phase of the transition to a market economy supported growth in 2020 Uzbekistan. The Human Capital Index (HCI) database provides data at the country level for each of the components of the Human Capital Index as well as for the overall index, disaggregated by gender. The index measures the amount of human capital that a child born today can expect to attain by age 18, given the risks of poor health and poor. Uzbekistan is within the South-Central Asian Union and has borders with other member states of Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.It is doubly landlocked, but includes the southern shoreline of the Aral Sea. Understand []. The meaning of the name Uzbek is disputed. One version is that it is derived from Turkic 'uz/öz' ('good' or 'true') and 'bek' ('guardian') Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia. Its capital and largest city is Tashkent. There are about 32 million people living in Uzbekistan, now. The neighbouring countries are Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. It is a doubly landlocked country, of which there are only two in the world. Most people in Uzbekistan speak a language called Uzbek, a Turkic language. Things to Do in Uzbekistan, Asia: See Tripadvisor's 63,499 traveler reviews and photos of Uzbekistan tourist attractions. Find what to do today or anytime in May. We have reviews of the best places to see in Uzbekistan. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions

Uzbekistan Tourism: Tripadvisor has 63,577 reviews of Uzbekistan Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Uzbekistan resource Uzbekistan, country in Central Asia lying mainly between the Syr Darya (Jaxartes) and Amu Darya (Oxus) rivers. Roughly corresponding to historical Transoxania, Uzbekistan and the city of Samarkand were once great centers of the Islamic world during the Timurid era Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked country in which 51% of the population lives in urban settlements; the agriculture-rich Fergana Valley, in which Uzbekistan's eastern borders are situated, has been counted among the most densely populated parts of Central Asia. Since its independence in September 1991, the government has largely maintained its Soviet-style command economy with subsidies and. Uzbekistan (Republic of Uzbekistan) is divided into 12 administrative regions, 1 autonomous republic, and 1 independent city. In alphabetical order, these regions are: Andijan, Buxoro, Fergana, Jizzax, Namangan, Navoiy, Qashqadaryo, Samarkand, Sirdaryo, Surxondaryo, Tashkent, and Xorazm; along with the autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan and the independent city of Tashkent

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  1. To fill a form for a next person (for group and in same visa data, up to 15 persons) press Add Next Person. Press the Print form button for printing. Print the form after it is returned to you and displayed in Adobe Acrobat and submit it to the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Next. Check visa status
  2. Standard & Poor's credit rating for Uzbekistan stands at BB- with negative outlook. Moody's credit rating for Uzbekistan was last set at B1 with stable outlook. Fitch's credit rating for Uzbekistan was last reported at BB- with stable outlook. In general, a credit rating is used by sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and other investors to gauge the credit worthiness of Uzbekistan thus.
  3. Uzbekistan has a desert climate, with searing hot, dry summers and cold, somewhat wetter winters. The highest temperature ever recorded in Uzbekistan was 120 F (49 C). The all-time low was -31 F (-35 C). As a result of these extreme temperature conditions, almost 40% of the country is uninhabitable
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Uzbekistan's territory is characterized by fertile land that is intensively developed by humans, by diversity of raw resources, presence of developed city culture, high level of handicraft industry and commodity-money relations. And it is these factors that predetermined main routes over which trade and exchange relations took place. Discovery of the Western Regions (i.e. Central Asia) and. Uzbekistan plays a pivotal role in developing an independent, stable, prosperous and democratic Central Asia that contributes to regional and global security. As Central Asia's most populous country, with extensive natural resources, fascinating tourist attractions and transportation links, Uzbekistan is a potential force for regional economic growth and stability. Uzbekistan is the only.

In Uzbekistan, you will often get a variety of different stuffed vegetables including peppers and cabbage leaves when you order dolmas. 14. Shivit Oshi. Shivit oshi is probably the most colorful food in Uzbekistan. The bright green noodles have been infused with dill which makes them both eye-catching and flavorful. They are topped with a stew of meat, peppers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and. Uzbekistan Airways (usbekisch Oʻzbekiston havo yoʻllari) ist die staatliche Fluggesellschaft Usbekistans mit Sitz in Taschkent und Basis auf dem Flughafen Taschkent. Geschichte. Die Gründung wurde kurz nach dem Zerfall der Sowjetunion in Anlauf genommen. Am 28. Januar 1992 wurde dann schließlich die Genehmigung erteilt und die Fluggesellschaft konnte als internationale. COVID-19 PCR tests are available at clinics and medical facilities throughout Uzbekistan. The cost of testing is typically between 200,000 and 350,000 Uzbekistani Soum ($20-$35 USD), and is paid by the patient prior to testing. U.S. citizens should inquire with the local government (Mahalla) or hotel for the nearest clinic. The following link. Uzbekistan seeks end of cotton boycott as virus weighs on economy. Boycott in place since 2006 over rights abuses has deepened unemployment and economic weakness, government claims Uzbekistan has signed a trade and investment framework agreement with the United States and other Central Asian countries, establishing a regional forum to discuss ways to improve investment climates and expand trade within Central Asia. For the first time ever, in June 2019 the Department of Commerce led a certified trade mission to Uzbekistan, to increase trade between the two countries and.

Uzbekistan Coronavirus update with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and recovery rates, current active cases, recoveries, trends and timeline In 2019, Uzbekistan adopted legislation on administrative procedures in order to improve the economic and investment climate. Corruption, arbitrary application and a shortage of legal experts at the state authorities are, however, causing major problems in implementing this. As a young independent state, Uzbekistan thus faces numerous social, legal and economic challenges. GIZ is working in. Uzbekistan and ADB. ADB has partnered with Uzbekistan since 1995, with its operations assisting in three strategic areas: private sector development, reduction of economic and social disparities, and regional cooperation and integration Respublika Uzbekistan; Bandera. Emblema nacional . Lema: Куч адолатдадир Kuch adolatdadir (en uzbeko: «La fuerza está en la justicia») Himno: Ўзбекистон Республикаси Давлат мадҳияси Oʻzbekiston Respublikasining Davlat Madhiyasi (en uzbeko: «Himno Nacional de la República de Uzbekistán») ¿Problemas al reproducir este archivo? Capital (y.

VisaClient2 - GOV.U The waiters that Uzbekistan brought out served o...- Arthur A. Write a Review Read More. About us. We have been serving delectable Eastern European cuisine for over 25 years. Established in 1993 at our first location in Forest Hills New York and then opened our doors in Philadelphia 2008. At our Bustleton location you will discover a charming and rustic interior that captures the essences of.

Uzbekistan is committed to halting and reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria by 2015. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uzbekistan is still in its early stages, with a relatively low rate of infection. After rapid increase in 2000-2009, number of people newly diagnosed with HIV, has stabilized at the level of 4,000 people. As for tuberculosis, the peak level of TB morbidity. Uzbekistan's economic freedom score is 58.3, making its economy the 108th freest in the 2021 Index. Its overall score has increased by 1.1 points, primarily because of an improvement in judicial.

Uzbekistan reveals number of investment projects implemented with S.Korea, Japan Uzbekistan 00:01 Azerbaijani gymnast reaches final of European Championship in Basel Society 21 April 23:4 Inflation Rate in Uzbekistan decreased to 10.90 percent in March from 11.40 percent in February of 2021. Inflation Rate in Uzbekistan averaged 9.90 percent from 2006 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 20.10 percent in January of 2018 and a record low of 2.40 percent in March of 2008. This page provides - Uzbekistan Inflation Rate - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart. Uzbekistan Resident Mission (URM) - Asian Development Bank (ADB) 1 Qoratosh Street, Tashkent 100027, Uzbekistan Office Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday) Tel +998 78 1401920 Fax +998 78 1401976 E-mail adbuzbekistan. View all contact

In 2019, Uzbekistan exported a total of $14.1B, making it the number 81 exporter in the world. During the last five reported years the exports of Uzbekistan have changed by $7.79B from $6.3B in 2014 to $14.1B in 2019 Lack of sufficient electricity and heating this winter has sparked protests throughout Uzbekistan and, considering Uzbekistan's energy infrastructure, it appears these problems are not going.

Uzbekistan commits to ensure that 96% of children aged 6-59 months receive vitamin A twice a year by up to 2015; 100% coverage of pregnant women with HIV counseling; and testing and reduction of mother-to-child HIV transmission down to less than 2%. Uzbekistan also commits to improve quality of care provided to mothers and children by training 25,000 health workers up to 2015 on evidence-based. Historic Centre of Shakhrisyabz, Uzbekistan, added to List of World Heritage in Danger 13-Jul-2016 Almaty Agreement adopted in the Fourth meeting of the Coordinating Committee on the World Heritage Serial Nomination of the Silk Roads 22-Dec-2015 Policy-makers in Uzbekistan meet to discuss implementation of World Heritage Convention 24-Feb-201

Uzbekistan (o͝ozbĕkĭstän`), Uzbek Ozbekiston, officially Republic of Uzbekistan, republic (2015 est. pop. 29,200,000), 173,552 sq mi (449,500 sq km), central Asia. The republic, which is the most populous country in Central Asia, borders on Afghanistan in the south, on Turkmenistan in the southwest, on Kazakhstan in the west and north, and on Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the east Uzbekistan's signature dish is palov (plov or osh or pilaf ), a main course typically made with rice, pieces of meat, grated carrots and onions. 17. Palov or Plov is the national dish. Made of mutton, rice, onions and grated carrots, legend holds it was invented by the cooks of Alexander the Great. Different areas of the country put their own spin on the dish, adding ingredients like. Sprawling Tashkent (Toshkent) is Central Asia's hub and the place where everything in Uzbekistan happens. It's one part newly built national capital, thick with the institutions of power, one part leafy Soviet city, and yet another part quiet Uzbek town, where traditionally clad farmers cart their wares through a maze of mud-walled houses to the grinding crowds of the bazaar

©2021 Uzbekistan Airways. All rights reserved. At a reprint of an active link to the publication is required We were invited to Uzbekistan by the Ministry of Tourism to capture this diverse and beautiful country. Travel with us to the Samarkand mosques and mausoleum.. Uzbekistan introduced new rules on import and export of foreign currency cash to the country starting January 1, 2018. Private individuals are no longer required to declare foreign currency cash up to the equivalent of USD 2000 when entering and exiting Uzbekistan. Foreigners can take out foreign currency cash in excess of USD 2000 only if they declared a higher amount when they entered the. Universities in Uzbekistan expanded their cooperation with foreign counterparts in 2019, but the government also denied accreditation to staff for the American Councils for International Education, an academic exchange organization based in the United States. The staff members were originally encouraged to return to Uzbekistan during Mirziyoyev's first state visit to the United States.

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Uzbekistan dazzles with its main attractions, the icons of the Silk Road at Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva.Gawk at the mosques, scale the minarets and maunder from mausoleum to madrassah to get a feel for the history of Islam outside of the Middle East, and the power of the Timurid empire Uzbekistan travel is an affordable option for thrifty travelers, with all-inclusive, guided tours available for a fraction of the cost of equivalent trips in Europe or South America. Inexpensive transportation, cheap meals and an ever-growing selection of hostels have also opened the door to independent travelers. Uzbekistan is more accessible than ever before, with citizens of almost every.

Uzbekistan also has not carried out a national child labor survey to determine the prevalence of child labor in sectors other than cotton production. I. Prevalence and Sectoral Distribution of Child Labor. Children in Uzbekistan engage in the worst forms of child labor, including commercial sexual exploitation. (12-3) Uzbekistan has not carried out a national child labor survey to determine. Uzbekistan synonyms, Uzbekistan pronunciation, Uzbekistan translation, English dictionary definition of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Formerly also Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. A country of west-central Asia. Settled in ancient times, it was conquered by Alexander the Great,.. Uzbekistan facts: Official web sites of Uzbekistan, links and information on Uzbekistan's art, culture, geography, history, travel and tourism, cities, the capital city, airlines, embassies, tourist boards and newspapers Uzbekistan. Very small groups reported, but outside the Joshua Project Small Group Policy. Some may not be viable and/or have incorrect Progress Scale values, population, language and religion information. The groups listed below are not included in overall Joshua Project people group counts. If you have information about these groups, please contact us. Click column headings for sorting. Uzbekistan has considerable mineral deposits, including uranium. It is the world's seventh-ranking uranium supplier, and is expanding production. Japanese and Chinese joint ventures are active in uranium development, especially focused on black shales. Construction of two large Russian reactors is planned. Uzbekistan was a significant source of Russian uranium supply until independence in.

The Uzbekistan Population (Live) counter shows a continuously updated estimate of the current population of Uzbekistan delivered by Worldometer's RTS algorithm, which processes data collected from the United Nations Population Division. The Population of Uzbekistan (1950 - 2019) chart plots the total population count as of July 1 of each year, from 1950 to 2019. The Yearly Population Growth. Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan's Working Party was established on 21 December 1994. The Working Party met for the fourth time in July 2020. The Working Party is chaired by . For more information on the current status of this accession, please click here

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In the years since September 2016, when Uzbekistan's President Shavkat Mirziyoyev assumed power, initial efforts to improve the country's abysmal human rights record led to the release of. Uzbekistan is a country in transition. In recent years, the Uzbek government eliminated state-sponsored forced child labor in the cotton harvest, and then committed in 2017 to eliminate forced adult labor. The government has made significant progress toward achieving that commitment, including increasing cotton picking wages and enacting measures to abolish government production quotas for. Uzbekistan Airways. Uzbekistan Airways. Terminal Terminal 1, Halle B Telefon (+49) (069) 133 76 167. Webseite https://m.uzairways.com. E-Mail fra@uzairways.com. Abfertigungsagent WISAG Aviation Service Hilfreiche Links. Frankfurt Airport Online Shop; Flüge.

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В связи с глобальным распространением вируса covid-19 верующие в Иисуса Христа по всему миру. Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked country in which 51% of the population lives in urban settlements; the agriculture-rich Fergana Valley, in which Uzbekistan's eastern borders are situated, has been counted among the most densely populated parts of Central Asia. Since its independence in September 1991, the government has largely maintained. Travel Insurance Uzbekistan. In the West, very little is known about this country but, since it ends with -stan and borders Afghanistan, people may associate it with negative connotations.. However, Uzbekistan was recently considered one of the 20 safest destinations in the world, with one of the lowest crime rates ever, besides a high level of security, especially in the capital Tashkent Uzbekistan Airways besitzt seit 1997 das Sicherheitszertifikat JAR-145 der internationalen Flugsicherheit sowie seit 2005 von Boeing das Safety Foundation Diploma und den Recognition Award für 10 Jahre sicheres Fliegen. Der technische Bereich Uzbekistan Airways Technics wurde mit Lufthansa Technik aufgebaut. Mehr Informationen über Uzbekistan Airway

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Hotels in Usbekistan reservieren. Schnell und sicher online buchen Uzbekistan reveals number of investment projects implemented with S.Korea, Japan Uzbekistan 00:01 Azerbaijani gymnast reaches final of European Championship in Basel Society 21 April 23:4

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Die GIZ vor Ort. Nationale Mitarbeiter*innen: 59 Internationale Mitarbeiter*innen: 13 Integrierte Fachkräfte: 4 (Stand: 31.12.2020) Seit 1992 arbeitet die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Usbekistan 13. If and as long as the Netherlands, under its national legislation, levies no WHT on interest or royalties paid to a resident of Uzbekistan, the WHT rate for interest and royalty income paid at source in Uzbekistan shall be reduced to 0%. 14. Where the beneficial owner directly holds at least 25% of the property of the company paying the. Zur Umrechnung Sum(UZS) in Euro finden Sie hier einen Währungsrechner mit stets aktuellem Umrechnungskurs. Zudem erhalten Sie hier fūr Ihre Usbekistan-Reise die praktische Umrechnungstabelle Sum in Euro.Nehmen Sie diesen kleinen Reisebegleiter mit nach Usbekistan. Er wird Ihnen im Reise-Alltag bei der Sum UZS Umrechnung eine bequeme und schnelle Hilfe sein Uzbekistan - Kyrgyzstan: prospects for the development of further cooperation discussed. On March 16-17 of this year, a meeting of the delegation of the railway administration of Kyrgyzstan headed by the General Director of the State Enterprise NK Kyrgyz Temir Zholu V.A Dashkov was held at the JSC Uzbekiston Temir Yullari The Uzbekistani Som is the currency of Uzbekistan. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Uzbekistani Som exchange rate is the UZS to USD rate. The currency code for Sums is UZS, and the currency symbol is лв. Below, you'll find Uzbekistani Som rates and a currency converter. You can also subscribe to our currency newsletters with daily rates and analysis, read the Xe Currency Blog.

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Euroasia VIP Services GmbH Hügelstraße 28 D-60435, Frankfurt am Main Phone: +49 (0) 69 257 88 982 , +49 (0) 69 257 88 983 Fax: +49 (0) 69 257 88 98 Uzbekistan became fully independent and joined with ten other former Soviet republics on Dec. 21, 1991, in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Vozrozhdeniye, an island in the Aral Sea, was a secret test site for biological weapons during the Soviet era. In 1988, the Soviets attempted to bury the evidence on the island, a frightening legacy that Uzbekistan inherited upon independence. U.S. Uzbekistan's hardest-working students see China as a promising alternative to America and Europe. They often learn about opportunities on social media. Ezoza Yakvalkhodjieva Apr 26, 2021. Film explores a dirty problem in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan . Sorting garbage is rare in Central Asia. Recycle and thrive argues that these countries are missing an opportunity. Apr 23, 2021. Central. Uzbekistan Area and Population Density. Uzbekistan's population of 32,393,645 makes it the 43 rd largest country in the world and the third largest of the former Soviet states - behind Russia (142 million) and Ukraine (45 million). The area of the country is 173,351 square miles (448,962 square kilometers), giving it a population density of 186.87 people per square mile (72.02 people per. Landlocked Uzbekistan is a hinterland of inhospitable desert, and yet it has produced works of such architectural sumptuousness and skill, they've beguiled visitors and itinerants for centuries — and they continue to do so. Whether you visit Uzbekistan as part of a longer journey retracing the Silk Route, or as a standalone destination, our specialists will talk you through the country's.

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Uzbekistan is a landlocked, Central Asian nation that shares borders with Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. Although relatively well-diversified, exports are comprised mainly of natural resources and low value added goods including cotton, vehicles, copper, petroleum gases, fruits, uranium, fertilizers, and apparel. Moreover, exports are heavily concentrated. Uzbekistan Post Tracking Details. TrackingMore is a third party parcel tracking tool (also known as multi-carrier tracking tool) which supports online parcel tracking of worldwide 477 express and postal couriers. You can enter a tracking number, air waybill (AWB) number or reference number to track & trace a single international or domestic package, use CSV upload or restful shipment tracking. Photographer Tomer Ifrah travelled between six post-Soviet countries, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, Georgia and Armenia, documenting city life on the metro, beginning in Moscow in 2012 and. Uzbekistan tours take you to the greatest cities of the Silk Road: Samarkand, Khiva, and Bukhara. Old parts of these cities are intact versions of ancient Silk Road cities, where you can wander through alleyways and monuments and see these cities as they looked centuries ago

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Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan and the largest city in Central Asia. Tashkent lies in the northeastern part of the country. It is situated in the Chirchiq River valley west of the Chatkal Mountains and is intersected by a series of canals from the Chirchiq River The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted on December 8, 1992. On April 24, 2003 some amendments and addenda were introduced into it. It has been worked out based on the experience of developed countries. Thus, it appeared to have reflected the will and spirit of the people of this land, its public consciousness and level of culture

The Uzbekistan Government has long emphasised the importance of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) to ensure sustainable economic growth and modernisation through the influx of foreign capital, technology and expertise. The Foreign Investment Law has provided an open and liberal FDI framework, including guarantees of national treatment, non-expropriation, the free repatriation of funds. Republic of Uzbekistan Executive Board Calendar. Board Discussions on Republic of Uzbekistan. Related Links. Article IV Staff Reports Financial Position in the Fund Transactions with the Fund Contact Us Email notification sign-up. Sign up to receive free e-mail notices when new series and/or country items are posted on the IMF website.. Inflection of Uzbekistan (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation) nominative Uzbekistan — genitive Uzbekistanin — partitive Uzbekistania — illative Uzbekistaniin — singular plural nominative Uzbekistan — accusative nom. Uzbekistan — gen. Uzbekistanin: genitive Uzbekistanin — partitive Uzbekistania — inessive Uzbekistanissa — elative. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Consular department 9, Uzbekistan Street, Tashkent, 100029 Phone:(+998 71) 233-45-0 Relations between the European Union and the Republic of Uzbekistan have been developing steadily since its independence in 1991. EU relations with Uzbekistan are embedded in the regularly reviewed EU and Central Asia Strategy for a New Partnership, which outlines the overall cooperation objectives, policy responses and priority fields for the EU's engagement in Central Asia Uzbekistan Phone +998 (71) 244 1684 Fax +998 (71) 244 1683 E-mail info@the-uff.com. Venue Name Milliy Stadion City Toshkent (Tashkent) Capacity 34000. Video: Matches Competition: All; Friendlies; Non-FIFA Friendlies; AFC Asian Cup; WC Qualification Asia; Show: All; Home; Away « Previous Next » Date Competition Outcome Home team Score/Time Away team ; 08/10/20: FRI: Uzbekistan 1 - 2 Iran View.

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